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    Kinky Clothes
    Delivery Boy Pt 1 Caught Wearing Panties

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Alice In SissyLand -  Delivery Boy Pt 1 Caught Wearing Panties

    Clip Description

    ********* delivery boy caught wearing panties -
    part 1 - “you are never going back to your old job again!”

    welcome to the wicked world of wildefyre. During my apprentice ship to this world-famous dominatrix, we specialized in immersive multiple day scenarios. What does that mean? It means we live out a 24/7 kinky disneyland fantasy masterpiece. You don’t know where the real ends and the glamour begins.

    the scene gradually becomes your real life… especially after the 3-day mark. Then the world we have created for you really starts to become your new truth on a deep psychological level!

    after months of emails and planning, all of paulette’s sissy clothing has arrived at our secure northern california facility. Most of these incredible crossdressing clothes are new in their original packaging, tags still attached. A wonderland of virginal pink, purple and red pvc, satin and lace panties, skirts, dresses and lingerie!

    why are these incredible clothes still sealed and unworn?

    “because,“ paulette told me, blushing, “there was no one to ***** me to wear them.”

    … so that is exactly what we are here to do.

    three dominant women (one of them behind the lens of our camera), three websites coming together at one remote facility, the ****** load of sissy clothes and one “unlucky” delivery boy.

    in this video you see our first in-person introduction to “paulette,” who has been taunting us like mad via email in preparation for this extended and specialized adventure. We have blurred paulette’s masculine face for privacy. After a few days with us, he will be unrecognizable anyway!

    he is a down on his luck delivery boy with an important document for the doctor that must be signed for in person. I convince him to put on special “protective” clothing before he is permitted entry into our state-of-the-art laboratory. Unfortunately, this customized pink protective gear will restrict his movement somewhat… but it is for his own safety!

    this is the moment of truth. He has no idea what is waiting for him but he knows that he has engineered his own doom. The mad dr wildefyre has been preparing a sissy wonderland behind those perfect swinging hospital doors.

    when we start to strip our new “patient,” we discover that he is already secretly wearing panties!!!

    it is too late for this delivery boy, now he must be committed to asylum diabolica!

    this is day 1 of 5 that paulette spent with us at the headquarters of http://****medicaltoys**** - days that would cause him to question his sexuality, his identity and, eventually, even his sanity.

    mistress amanda wildefyre is a one-of-a-kind pro domme and bondage artist that I have had the privilege to train under. He website can be found at http://****castlediabolica****

    this amazing video set would not have been possible without the help of my friends at http://****seriousimages**** either. Thanks again guys!

    to see more of me, keep coming back to http://****aliceinbondageland**** for weekly updates, stories, blogs, videos, photos and real bondage adventures.

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
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    Alice In SissyLand -  Delivery Boy Pt 1 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand -  Delivery Boy Pt 1 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand -  Delivery Boy Pt 1 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand -  Delivery Boy Pt 1 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand -  Delivery Boy Pt 1 Caught Wearing Panties

    Alice In SissyLand -  Delivery Boy Pt 1 Caught Wearing Panties

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