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Alice in SissyLand

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    Jail Cell Suspension Ballet Boots Latex Pt 1 Mistress Alice

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Jail Cell Suspension Ballet Boots  Latex Pt 1 Mistress Alice

    Clip Description

    “gumbi around in ballet boots…”

    gumbi is a very special slave, with an insatiable love for latex and heavy rubber bondage… as well as for severe cock and ball (cbt for those of you who are acronym fetishists).

    before our play even begins, I make sure to add spikes to the chastity device hidden under his sleek and sexy black rubber catsuit. The codpiece built into this suit allows me to his cock and testicles as much as I want to without having to undress him from his latex encasement.

    i particularly love the sexy purple and blue halter-top catsuit that I am wearing in this video. It bares just the right amount of skin and the hidden zipper allows me perfect access to my pussy when I want to pleasure myself (too bad my slave doesn’t get to enjoy it fully yet).

    the spikes that line his cock ring mean that ever touch, every bit of arousal, ever ounce of lust is immediately and painfully punished. Gumbi is extraordinarily sensitive and responsive and I love tormenting him; torturing him until he whimpers, begs and even screams for me. Those of you who enjoy gag-talk will love our special language of grunts and growls because he isn’t getting out of his inflated rubber gag any time soon!

    i ***** him to wear sky-high sexy high heel ballet boots for me, rendering him helpless to even stand up straight without assistance. There are so many layers of bondage in this scene! These shoes are so severe that they alone could assure inescapability if you locked them on with a matching pair of mitts… but these incredibly shoes are only the beginning of what I have in store for my lucky slave.

    when I see how much he is turned on by being ****** to wear sexy shoes for me, I decide to tease him with my own sexy black high heeled pumps. These classic patent leather beauties are my favorite shoes both in and out of the dungeon. I crush his puny cock with the stiletto heel while he moans through the gag and then smother his face with my sexy latex covered ass. I finger my pussy and wipe my juices all over his face… knowing, the whole time, that every piece of pleasure that I give him is also increasing his pain against the spiked cock ring!

    but I am still not satisfied with his level of helplessness, so I take it up a notch and put him into a highly specialized leather harness… suspending him securely in an elaborate hog tie! These buckles can’t be beat… especially once I render his hands helpless with inflatable latex mitts that lock down tight!

    once he is blindfolded, mittened and dangling from the ceiling, I use his helpless body to pleasure myself and then ***** him into even more layers of bondage.

    see more videos, photos, blogs and stories at ****aliceinbondageland****

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
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    wmv189.56 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Jail Cell Suspension Ballet Boots  Latex Pt 1 Mistress Alice

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Jail Cell Suspension Ballet Boots  Latex Pt 1 Mistress Alice

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Jail Cell Suspension Ballet Boots  Latex Pt 1 Mistress Alice

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Jail Cell Suspension Ballet Boots  Latex Pt 1 Mistress Alice

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Jail Cell Suspension Ballet Boots  Latex Pt 1 Mistress Alice

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Jail Cell Suspension Ballet Boots  Latex Pt 1 Mistress Alice

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    Vac Bed Sex With Mistress Alice Riding To Orgasm - My newest slave has earned a very special treat… he has earned the chance to pleasure his mistress’ pussy!

he is hugely  and I intend to use his erect cock to sexually satisfy myself… but, I want to keep him in strict bondage the whole time (lest he get any ideas about turning the tables). My friends at vacbed**** have invented the perfect solution! Their new vacuum bed has only two holes - one for a breathing tube and the other perfectly placed for accessing his penis!

in the other half of this video, I show off my circus sword swallowing skills… no, really. I swallow his entire 10 inch cock again and again until he is ready to burst!

then, in this second part, I get myself off by rubbing his cock against my wet pussy before slipping a condom onto his enormous length and sliding his cock into my tight cunt. I gradually use him to open myself up, taking him deeper and deeper until I ride this slave to a series of incredible orgasms, moaning, bucking and (eventually) even screaming! I take thorough sexual advantage of him - every inch encased in latex for my pleasure..

my slave can do nothing to stop me in this incredibly restrictive bondage. I take my pleasure with him again and again, always stopping just short of his orgasm. I’m insatiable and we go at it for hours… this is the best of that extended scene’s footage, brought together for your entertainment and arousal.

do you think you could take being used like this for as long as he did? What if I brought a friend over? How many orgasms do you think you could give us before you lost control?

one of the biggest complaints I have heard from fans of femdom videos is that there is very little explicit sex in them. I created this video with my well- slave (and long-term lover) to buck that trend… and to prove that dominant women, like me, love sex.

this is the “real thing.” A real, dominant woman with her real slave (who is really ), having real, hot, sex.

see more videos, photos, blogs and stories at ****aliceinbondageland****

    Vac Bed Blowjob  Deep Throat Latex Encasement W Mistress Alice - I promised my slave that if he was “extra good” then he would get a treat… and what a treat it turns out to be!

my friends at vacbed**** have created an exceptionally tight fitting vacuum bed with only 2 holes… one, a tiny breathing tube for your mouth (no pesky nose holes in this one to let the air pressure in)… the other, a perfectly sized hole for your cock!

this slave is a perfect ****** for my new favorite latex  chamber because he has the biggest cock I have ever seen and I intend to put it to good use!

one of the biggest complaints I have heard from fans of femdom videos is that there is very little explicit sex in them. I created this video with my well- slave to buck that trend (actually it is part two where the bucking really begins)… and to prove that dominant women, like me, love sex.

i open this video pair with an incredibly intense, messy, enthusiastic deep throat blow job while I encase my helpless captive in a double layer of compressed latex encapsulation. The only flesh visible against the deep black of the latex is his huge erect cock. He is completely dehumanized except for those 10 inches of man meat. How can I resist taking sexual advantage of him in such a delicious position?

many of you have questioned my outlandish claims about being trained as a circus sword swallower. I offer you this video as proof! From the moment my tongue touches him, his cock leaps to full, erect attention. I take his 10 inch cock all the way down my throat without gagging, fearlessly, again and again and again.

ever wonder what a dominant woman giving a blow job looks like? This is it and it is incredible.

normally I prefer to give “perfect” blowjobs where I don’t spill a drop of drool (or semen) but since this slave is a fan of “messy” blowjobs, I let it all **** out in this video. Wet, messy, enthusiastic deep throating like this makes it obvious that I love to suck cock. You just can’t fake this kind of chemistry and passion.

i mock him in his plight, talk dirty to him and stroke his thickening cock, exposed through the latex, but it is the blowjob in this scene that just can’t be beat. I turn this poor slave into my perfect slut!

this is the “real thing.” A real, dominant woman with her real slave (who is really ), having real, hot, sex.

… tune in to part two, where I ride his hard and helpless cock to an incredible series of orgasms!

see more videos, photos, blogs and stories at ****aliceinbondageland****

    Sack Blowjob Inflatable Latex Rubber Ducky  Hot Tub Pt 4 - Heavy rubber hot tub part 4 -
inflatable ***** sack sensory deprivation tank

now that I have completely hypnotized my slave, it is time to give the training some time to sink in. Sensory deprivation can be an effective training tool because, in the dark warmth of the rubber cocoon, my words, touch and presence can take on new levels of significance.

this is a risky water bondage scene and I am grateful for my lifeguard training back in college. Please play safely at home!

olivia’s painting of bettie page, the famous bondage model, wearing a black latex mermaid fin first inspired my early attractions to women… but also to latex and bondage! I live near the ocean to this day and feel incredible erotic ties to water in all its forms… from nude beach adventures to the feel of spring rain cascading across my skin, I revel in the venusian element. Goddesses of love are often also goddesses of water, perhaps because of our more “juicy“ properties.

latex in water, especially heated water, is a special treat to be enjoyed.

erotic hot tub adventures hold a very special place in my heart… and in my loins. This hot tub uses a special filtering system instead of harsh chemicals, so it is safe to bring our latex treasures and toys into the warm, mysterious waters to play.

enjoy this latex inflation femdom blowjob scene. My poor slave is still under strict chastity rules, enforced by chastity device while we are apart. The kali‘s teeth keep him from having an orgasm… but that means that I especially enjoy teasing him! For those of you who complain that there aren’t any femdom blowjobs out there, you can enjoy watching me fellate his latex-covered cock.

this total body encasement suit has its own isolation hood that inflates separately, so I begin there to keep his head above water in case we stumble. Water can be very dangerous to someone who is bound. They should never be left unattended!

however, warm water is uniquely effective on humans for relaxation, surrender and reprogramming. This is a return to the womb of rebirth for this lucky slave. He has been found worthy and will emerge into his new life as completely my property.

for more bondage adventures, visit http://****aliceinbondageland**** for weekly updates, stories, blogs, videos, photos and the chronicles of my real-time kinky life!

    Bondage For Mistress Party  Strait Jacket  Strap On - Bondage for mistress alice’s party

i’m a sexually liberated woman. Many of my friends have similar “tastes” to my own and I enjoy entertaining at home on a regular basis (when i’m not out at my local dungeon playing to the crowd). My parties are decadent and delicious; some degenerate into outright kinky orgies.

i enjoy throwing “theme” parties especially and my friend from out of town arrived with bondage dreams on the same day as a ladies night in.

what is “ladies night in?” It is my pleasure party reserved exclusively for my stylish and sexy female friends who need especially yummy nurturing, exceptional service and an all around re-charge! Fondue of both cheese and chocolate, sexy and empowering movies, costume exchanges and dress-up games, massage and sexual servicing are all available to my discerning friends.

which is where this beautiful (and oh-so-eager) submissive comes into play. However, I didn’t warn him that it would not be his cock that the beautiful women were using to pleasure themselves with!

i lace him into a total leather encasement fantasty-come-true in this mister-s leg binder, straitjacket and hood. This combination of gear is an incredible experience for a bondage enthusiast. He enjoys this complete leather encapsulation, erotic and sensual cocooning, extreme helplessness and bliss…

then I throw in some spankings and wrestling to remind him who is in charge. I can’t resist manhandling a man in such sexy leather bondage.

the look in his eyes is priceless when I show him the big black dildo that will be strapped onto him as part of his bondage for the evening. His puny cock might only be able to please one or two women in an evening… and I had 15 rsvps from notoriously sexual divas!

by replacing his dick with a strap-on, I made my slave much more useful and efficient! He was able to give six different women orgasms that night! However, for 3 out of 6 of those women, he used his tongue… so you be the judge of whether or not he should get “points” for those.

tell me what you think on my blog ****aliceinbondageland****

    Jail Cell Rubber Bondage And Ballet Boots Suspension Pt 2 - “gumbi  around in ballet boots… part 2”

now that my slave is helplessly suspended from the ceiling of this custom jail cell, I am ready to take the bondage (and the latex) to the next level. I begin by adding a heavy rubber hood with a built in rebreather. Some people also call it a “breath bag.” This will dramatically reduce the amount of oxygen he gets, rendering him even more dizzy and helpless as he dangles above the floor for me… trussed up in head to toe latex, incredible sky-high ballet boots and tight leather straps! He is completely immobilized for my pleasure and amusement (plus my *****-ment).

i don’t even bother to remove his under hood - which still has an inflatable gag and blindfold in place. Now the layers are getting tighter and tighter. Do the walls feel like they are closing in, yet?

gumbi is a very special slave, with an insatiable love for latex and heavy rubber bondage… as well as for severe cock and ball  (cbt for those of you who are acronym fetishists).

before our play began, I made sure to add spikes to the chastity device hidden under his sleek and sexy black rubber catsuit!

i particularly enjoy his helpless, blind, deaf and dumb state in this video. I love caressing him through the layers of rubber, especially how our lubed-up latex encased bodies slide erotically against one another. I also enjoy emphasizing his helplessness as he dangles weightlessly. However, the fun really begins when I tear off his latex codpiece to reveal his hardening cock in its spiked sheath!

“look at how fucking turned on you are!” I exclaim, revealing his substantial member. He moans helplessly as I examine my growing target, squeezing it, testing it against the chastity device (in this case a “gates of hell” with added spiked rings). The more aroused he gets, the more he suffers for me. The harder his cock gets, the more he suffers for his lust!

… and then I start to add the weighted clamps to his cock and balls!

… and then a vibrator to make him even more turned on and sensitive beneath those spikes!

this gives me a great idea, so I add yet another layer of cbt bondage and lace his whole cock (still in the gates of hell) into another layer of spiked agony. Now his whole cock belongs to me - in layers of painful bondage.

i love the close-ups of his cock stretched tightly against the laces… and I especially enjoy the way I can swing him back and forth using the weights attached to his balls as a very intense, intimate leash.

see more videos, photos, blogs and stories at ****aliceinbondageland****

    Bondage Dentist Sadistic Exam With Mistress Alice - Poor slave! This hapless ****** was remiss in providing me with his medical history when we began negotiating our scenes, so I decided to punish him with an exam of my own!

for those of you who are afraid of the dentist, this is your ultimate nightmare! I enjoy playing on a very wide spectrum. While I took it easy on my bondage subject in the other videos I have shared on my site so far, in this one my sadistic side really shines!

how could I resist a scene with this gorgeous (and very, very real) vintage dentist’s chair? I like to think that hundreds of hours of suffering have soaked into its vinyl seat.

first, I bind my slave in a very special inflatable latex catsuit and I lock his cock into a cb2000 to make sure I have his full attention. Once his penis becomes my property, you can see how servile and eager he becomes to please me. This slave begs, squeals, screams and flatters. However, I show him no mercy!

from the tips of his toes to the tip of his nose, I put this latex clad slave through some rigorous bondage. The foot bondage in this scene is unusual and incredibly strenuous using a product called “yoga toes.”

i use a real ratcheting style dental immobilization gag. This is a gag built for hard use - I really could drill right into him, whether he liked it or not, with this level of immobilization and bondage keeping him right where I want him.

with this randy (and terrified) slave at my mercy, I can change out of my drab uniform into something more sexy. I love the transparent latex’s ability to at once clothe me yet expose me. There are spikes on the edges of my slave’s chastity device and you can tell my strip-tease causes him both arousal and extreme agony.

the tongue stretching in this video is intense, but I insist on only the best from my oral sex slaves. If he wants to get to lick my pussy, he has to earn it through pain. So, I  his mouth and his tongue, with spikes, clamps, and even a tongue caning!

i laugh at his helpless pleas for mercy and ***** the nose hook into place to keep his head immobile, lashing it to the back of the dental headrest. Dentist chairs were made for bondage!

“when you said every hole was available for me to use,” I cackle, “i bet you didn’t think I would pick this one!” Most people are very protective of their nose and nostrils. This kind of penetration feels very personal, invasive and frightening!

all this mouth … and then I inflate the suit to take the bondage and immobilization to the next level!

the “drill” in this scene is actually an industrial air pump (look out, it is loud!). While normal latex is an erotic journey all its own (swimming in a second skin), inflatable latex adds an element of pressure, restriction and intensity to the experience. The bladder inflates with air and becomes relatively rigid at the same time pinning you tightly inside the catsuit as it gets tighter and tighter and tighter. Since he is bound in a seated position, I rub the latex to spread the air beneath the tightening strap. His legs are unable to straighten to accommodate the filling bladders that are designed to pin you like a human gingerbread man!

this is bondage-under-pressure at its finest.

- mistress alice

    Heavy Rubber Jail Cell Full Movie Latex Cbt Femdom Suspension - Heavy rubber jail cell - full movie -
suspended inflatable latex ***** sack

this submissive ached to be given to a stranger… so his mistress arranged for him to visit my dungeon for a very special afternoon.

he had no idea that this encounter would lead to 2 years of real-time servitude… and long-term, ongoing, chastity!

this video is full of heavy, immobilizing rubber and unforgiving metal bondage. My helpless submissive is incarcerated in a very private, custom, kinky jaiil cell. I ratchet up the bondage intensity by blowing up the inflatable latex ***** sack. Now the rubber is pressing down on him from all sides, making even the smallest movement impossible. This sack also has a very convenient opening. I love torturing his cock - the one exposed piece of flesh left beneath the layers of latex encasement.

my favorite part of this suspension scene is using his hard-on to swing my slave helplessly back and forth! Enjoy my laugher and taunts as I push him farther, with pain, arousal and implacable bondage.

complete rubber cocooning, ***********, cbt, real life femdom dominance/submission and more… this is my life slave meeting me for the first time, on video.

just think, this could be you!

visit me at http://****aliceinbondageland**** for weekly updates, stories, videos, photos and the chronicles of my kinky adventures!