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Alice In BondageLand

Alice in SissyLand

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    Institutional Asylum Bondage Chastity Humane Restraints

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Institutional Asylum Bondage  Chastity Humane Restraints

    Clip Description

    Institutional bondage, chastity belts and fem dom action, oh my!

    our hapless bondage subject must endure lock and key chastity in a custom metal chastity belt by carrara. This device of tease and denial has become one of my favorite toys! Our scene is made even more intense by the fact that my hapless subject has already shipped the key home to the east coast!

    that means he is completely at my mercy. I now own his cock and he is helpless to reclaim it.

    he is locked down tightly and securely to a completely metal custom steel bondage bed by rigidcuff… before being mercilessly teased, tormented and ********. I laugh at his predicament, make fun of his inability to satisfy himself and enjoy giving his custom metal chastity belt a perfect pussy polish… while he is helpless to do anything but watch!

    the institutional restraint style bed straps are as real as they get - and completely immobilizing - made by humane restraint. The institutional leather muzzle is from medical toys. I love hearing the creak and straining of the leather straps as he struggles against the unforgiving (and unbreakable) metal bed.

    this is the first in a series of “bondage tests” in which I strap on my dominatrix boots and put my hapless bondage fanatic into more and more layers of restrictive, intense, serious bondage at the “serious bondage institute.” I enjoy their incredible collection of gear while I put my submissive (and the bondage) to the ultimate test!

    has a mistress ever locked up your cock? What would you do to get it back???

    tell me what you think on my blog ****aliceinbondageland****

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
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    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Institutional Asylum Bondage  Chastity Humane Restraints

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Institutional Asylum Bondage  Chastity Humane Restraints

    Alice In BondageLand - FemDom Fetish Movies - Institutional Asylum Bondage  Chastity Humane Restraints

    For Kinky Clothing, Gear and Toys Visit
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    Bondage Dentist Sadistic Exam With Mistress Alice - Poor slave! This hapless ****** was remiss in providing me with his medical history when we began negotiating our scenes, so I decided to punish him with an exam of my own!

for those of you who are afraid of the dentist, this is your ultimate nightmare! I enjoy playing on a very wide spectrum. While I took it easy on my bondage subject in the other videos I have shared on my site so far, in this one my sadistic side really shines!

how could I resist a scene with this gorgeous (and very, very real) vintage dentist’s chair? I like to think that hundreds of hours of suffering have soaked into its vinyl seat.

first, I bind my slave in a very special inflatable latex catsuit and I lock his cock into a cb2000 to make sure I have his full attention. Once his penis becomes my property, you can see how servile and eager he becomes to please me. This slave begs, squeals, screams and flatters. However, I show him no mercy!

from the tips of his toes to the tip of his nose, I put this latex clad slave through some rigorous bondage. The foot bondage in this scene is unusual and incredibly strenuous using a product called “yoga toes.”

i use a real ratcheting style dental immobilization gag. This is a gag built for hard use - I really could drill right into him, whether he liked it or not, with this level of immobilization and bondage keeping him right where I want him.

with this randy (and terrified) slave at my mercy, I can change out of my drab uniform into something more sexy. I love the transparent latex’s ability to at once clothe me yet expose me. There are spikes on the edges of my slave’s chastity device and you can tell my strip-tease causes him both arousal and extreme agony.

the tongue stretching in this video is intense, but I insist on only the best from my oral sex slaves. If he wants to get to lick my pussy, he has to earn it through pain. So, I  his mouth and his tongue, with spikes, clamps, and even a tongue caning!

i laugh at his helpless pleas for mercy and ***** the nose hook into place to keep his head immobile, lashing it to the back of the dental headrest. Dentist chairs were made for bondage!

“when you said every hole was available for me to use,” I cackle, “i bet you didn’t think I would pick this one!” Most people are very protective of their nose and nostrils. This kind of penetration feels very personal, invasive and frightening!

all this mouth … and then I inflate the suit to take the bondage and immobilization to the next level!

the “drill” in this scene is actually an industrial air pump (look out, it is loud!). While normal latex is an erotic journey all its own (swimming in a second skin), inflatable latex adds an element of pressure, restriction and intensity to the experience. The bladder inflates with air and becomes relatively rigid at the same time pinning you tightly inside the catsuit as it gets tighter and tighter and tighter. Since he is bound in a seated position, I rub the latex to spread the air beneath the tightening strap. His legs are unable to straighten to accommodate the filling bladders that are designed to pin you like a human gingerbread man!

this is bondage-under-pressure at its finest.

- mistress alice

    Leather Bondage  Metal Chastity With Mistress Alice - Part of the institutional bondage test series

as I investigate the carrara custom chastity belt a little farther; you can almost see his skin through the metal slots. Thankfully, my hapless bondage subject has already (foolishly) shipped the key home. Now, I own his cock and he exists to entertain me with his bondage antics!

those arm corsets might not look like much, but they are metal-reinforced and completely rigid. The strain on your elbow to be completely straight makes it surprisingly intense bondage and adds a deeper layer to my metal and leather, heavy gear theme.

the “icing on the cake” is the chastity hand job in this video. Even though he is completely encased in his custom chastity belt, my slave’s lock-on strap-on cock is ready for action. I lube him up and shine that erect toy beautifully… musing on what I plan to do with that cock (if he properly pleases me, that is).

i grind against his replacement cock and get myself off through my favorite red satin panties.

too bad he can’t enjoy this exquisite hand job and pussy polish from inside his lock down! Do locked up cocks get “sympathy pleasure”?

this is another great tease and denial scene with a lot of chemistry as we explore heavy bondage and intense gear together.

my favorite part of this shoot is the ultra-tall engineering boots that he is wearing… not only are they some of the tallest male boots I have ever seen, but that is the only thing standing between his tender skin and the intense bite of the rigidcuff solid metal spreader bar (it matches the metal bed nicely). I have a huge boot fetish!

medicaltoys created these incredible leather arm corsets and mister-s made the high quality double-lined helpless mitts, blindfold and muzzle that you see me enjoying (as well as that fantastic leather harness). What an incredible collection of gear to enjoy with my helpless slave!

tell me what you think on my blog ****aliceinbondageland****

    Masturbation Chastity Therapy With Nurse Alice - Patient number 27 is a compulsive masturbator. After being caught playing with himself in a movie theater, this poor slave has checked himself into our highly specialized facility to ensure that his terrible affliction is given intensive personalized attention by our sexy staff.

today, nurse alice is checking in with our patient (and now inmate) to see if any progress has been made in his difficult case.

nurse alice - patient notes - patient #27

many of my colleagues at the bondage institute consider patient #27 to be a lost cause. This is not his first stay with us and, during the past year, his horniness and compulsive masturbation habits have only worsened.

this poor man’s case of priapism has continued unabated in spite of intensive therapy. Today we begin masturbation therapy, coupled with encasing him in humane restraint hand mitts and a custom carrera chastity belt. This belt features an attachable erect penis in the same place as his real cock would be if it could get free.

my superior, mistress liliane believes that this surrogate cock will help ease his transition back into normal society. If he can resist the urge to touch himself, that is.

her hope is that being ****** to endure the image of an enormous erection, yet being unable to pleasure himself, will break the terrible cycle of self-*****.

in this video, I examine our patient with a very sexy chastity belt hand job and prepare him for his daily sponge bath.

see more of my videos at http://****aliceinbondageland****

    Face Sitting Chastity Therapy With Nurse Alicce - Patient number 27 is a compulsive masturbator. He has checked himself into our care as an act of desperation. We are here to treat him with our “specialized” behavioral modification techniques…. Including strict bondage, 24/7 vigilance and extreme custom chastity belts (this one is my favorite, from carrera in belgium).

his ongoing treatment has proven challenging and the head nurse at the serious bondage institute suggested that we allow him to have his hands closer to his groin, in the hopes that enforced proximity to his cock (while masturbation is completely impossible) will comfort him and help to break the cycle of self *****.

this bondage muffler might not look like much from the outside, but is an ordeal all its own. His hands are immobilized severely with locking institutional straps, but then yet another layer of intense leather bondage goes over the top of the muffler… effectively eliminating any chance of his escape. He cannot move his wrists at all from within the extreme confines of this genuine institutional restraint!

even if he could get out of his head harness and somehow try to chew through the straps (a technique many have tried), the outer armor of the muffler is itself locked over his hands. Patient 27 is not going anywhere until he is cured of his need to jack off… forever!

nurse alice - patient notes - patient #27

patient exhibits no regrets for his compulsive sexual behavior and will eagerly accept any stimulation offered him… even knowing that erections will cause him incredible pain within his chastity device - now stuffed with a butt plug held firmly in place by the contraption. None the less, this “pain compliance” has proven ineffective and patient # 27 is even more horny then usual!

masturbation therapy has proven fruitless and so now we move into even more intensive and specialized treatments. In this video, I attempt a controversial new technique without mistress liliane’s supervision. Face sitting therapy allows me to experience sexual pleasure, but since my patient is muffled, gagged and bound in a chastity belt, he is ****** to learn to accept service as his only sexual outlet.

this type of behavior modification can lead to a much more focused, service-oriented lifestyle… but only once you break the connection to selfish orgasms!

more videos, blog entries, photos and adventures coming to you from ****aliceinbondageland****