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Stabbed And Milked Your Next

Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

Mistress Miranda - The Bondage Mistress -  Stabbed And Milked Your Next

Clip Description

Witness what awaits you, my beloved slaves. This slave is suspended and stabbed with my hunting knife, I delight in the way he squirms while I taunt you and bend you to my will.

suspended high, his cock perilously close to my mouth, ****** to empty his balls....Wish you were here?

Clip Duration:      11 minutes
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wmv239.33 MB

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Additional Thumbnails

Mistress Miranda - The Bondage Mistress -  Stabbed And Milked Your Next

Mistress Miranda - The Bondage Mistress -  Stabbed And Milked Your Next

Mistress Miranda - The Bondage Mistress -  Stabbed And Milked Your Next

Mistress Miranda - The Bondage Mistress -  Stabbed And Milked Your Next

Mistress Miranda - The Bondage Mistress -  Stabbed And Milked Your Next

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finally after what must seem like an age to this slave, he is milked by my tender hand to his long awaited climax.

Your Late - Jasmine turns up late for a shoot with me, without her collar and isn't even ready to work. Time to teach the lazy slut a lesson. First in goes a gag to silence her complains, and then off comes her clothes. Next I get her strapped down over my spanking bench, naked and helpless. Everypart of her body exposed and ready for her punishment. First I redden her backside with my hand, then out comes one of my paddles as I make her arse nice and red. A few more whips make her arse a lovely shade of red. A collar comes next after all every sub should have a collar. 

next I get my strap on nicely lubed up as I penetrate her with it. Watch me as I thrust it deep into her, fucked with my strap on - and then make her clean my toy - with her mouth. Time for something else to enter her pussy - a nice vibrator this time, this one bigger than the last one. Next a vibrating egg - guaranteed to make her scream. Worked all over her pussy, listen to her beg me to stop as I make her enjoy it and ***** her to cum. Of course I make her clean her mess off my toy by making her suck it clean. 

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Weighed Fucked And Milked - My patient is in my suspension room and has my new rubber hood on, which I will be testing out later. First after some secure bondage he needs to have his balls stretched with some heavy duty weights. Imagine then this being followed up with a strap-on of an enormous size, the thrusting back and forth would cause those weights to swing back and forth wouldn’t they!

next a huge electric butt plug takes the place of the strap-on before some punishment. Now time to fit the funnel into the hood and text to see if it works. Subbie is placed on the floor and I stand over him, filling his funnel with.....

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Wank With Leather Bitch - In this clip im dressed head to toe in leather. Watch as the slaves view pans up and down my high boots, my tight leather trousers, corset before finally finishing on my gloved hand. Your ordered to my bondage table, made to wear stockings and susenders before my 'bitch wank' starts.

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The Chauvanist Part 12 - Here we have a male chauvanist that needs to be brought down a peg.
extreme restraint bondage will just be the start..

Rubbered Out - Imaging being wrapped in shrink wrap, held in an inflatable hood whilst your catsuited corseted mistress works you with electric sounds, ball weights, cock electrics, breathing bags before feeding you with house champagne. Well that is the prediciment my slave faces, whats more im on a mission, its all about recycling, if you get to enjoy you face a funnel being placed into your breathing tube and forcing you to swallow.....

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